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Training for Artisan

“NAMASKAAR” focuses on giving training to people for handcrafts and handloom and encouraging them for a better future. The training is to make them self-dependent With the help of the Modules provided by various respective ministries. It increases their confidence and promotes employment for them. Our focus is to make their lives better in all possible ways


Through counseling family members, it is possible to give people a mental boost and show them the path to success and motivation. “NAMASKAAR” knows the importance of counseling so we provide the needed aid to people and the needy adequate guidance and a road map toward one desired aspirations oneself.

Yoga Therapy

 “NAMASKAAR” believes through physical exercises like yoga as it is possible to control chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol. it is possible to keep well-being through yoga and aerobic exercises. Understanding the importance of yoga for the general well-being of people we try to spread awareness through Yoga Campswhich helps us align with our mission to create a Healthy and Immune lifestyle for people.

Arranging Exhibition

We also arrange exhibitions through the help of various seminars, Workshops, Marketing Events, Chaupals, Interactive Discussions, and India basis Artisan Developmental activities which could motivate talent. “NAMASKAAR” believes that through these exhibitions it is possible to give their lives the needed motivation and sense of well-being as it encourages them to be self-dependent by providing the needed vision for their lives.

Employment Opportunities

“NAMASKAAR” works to develop employment opportunities for all the men and women of all communities. We also work towards providing unbiased vocational training for people to get benefitted, which further prepares them with employment opportunities. 

Employment opportunities, their importance, and being self-sufficient and self-dependent is the current need for the overall National development.

E-commerce Training and Selling

“NAMASKAAR” also focuses to arrange e-commerce training for people to make them efficient online sellers. Our primary motive is to make e-commerce employment for the Artisans and create a platform for crafts and Arts through e-commerce.

The Upliftment Camp

“NAMASKAAR” is determined to promote upliftment to all the people and society in various ways. Our motive is to promote general upliftment through training, exhibition, promoting skill development, and creating employment for general people and special autistic people. We also provide technical training to encourage technical upgradation among people to uplift society.

Health Camp

On behalf of “ NAMASKAAR ” we organize free Health Camps at different places at different times. With the help of experienced doctors of different specialties, we try to arrange a minimum of two to three free camps per month in different medical fields like Orthopedics, Chest Medicine, Cardiology, Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation, Diabetes, Skin & Cosmetology, etc with the provision of free consultancies, free pathological test, free physiotherapy, and free medicine supply, etc.