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Welcome to “NAMASKAAR ”

Welcome to “NAMASKAAR”. It is a non-governmental and non-profitable organization that aims to bring overall development to society and its people. Our main motive is to serve people in every possible way, we are trying to focus on different aspects viz serving the people through vocational training, encouraging the art of handicrafts and handlooms, and uplifting the scope of trained professionals in the domain along with diversified and expanded employment opportunities in the future. To make every individual co-related and artisans self-dependent through multiple mediums of workforce enhancement along with e-commerce business awareness through the necessary training. Arranging an unified platform for e-commerce so that every Art gets showcased across the channels. Arranging exhibitions, giving training to artisans, arranging camps for upliftment. Counseling family members for a better mindset can motivate them in the future. We are determined to make their lives better in every possible way for them to reach a level of contentment. The absence of aid from the common masses, it will be difficult to attain our mission, anticipating and thanking for the support that we are about to received from you.

Our Mission

Our mission remains to promote the general well-being of Artisans and Craftsmen along with creating and providing an unified platform for the overall development and upliftment of Art and Culture across the Globe. To develop a forum and create multiple opportunities for people and make their lives better in all possible ways. To encourage work related to handloom and handicrafts for Worldwide Visibility.

Our Vision

Namaskaar aims to promote the inclusiveness and recognition of Handicrafts and Handlooms through trained Artisans across the country. To provide a forum for organizations and businesses, both national and international to interact leading to a better environment for the development of crafts through various mediums and channels. 

Our Objective

Namaskaar believes in elimination of gender inequality and single platform inclusion for all the human being immaterial of the caste creed and talent acquired by the Artisans. Overall betterment of the society by adding the tiniest of activity in the environment through various cultural, societal and environmental initiatives.